Cesar and Teresa Sosa founded Cobras Soccer Academy in 2004. They started with eight kids and Cesar Sosa as their coach. Today they have over 170 kids and five coaches. Cesar and Tere have been able to fund the growth of this organization with a nominal monthly fee from 75% of the youth participant families, fundraisers and donations from the parent and the local community.

Cesar Sosa is a retired forward star of the Paraguay National Team and the Mexican First Division Professional Soccer League. His journey with the game of Soccer started when he was eight years old, without proper fields or equipment and only his determination and support of some local coaches. It was through his dedication and hard work in the game soccer that he was able to elevate his life and be afforded the opportunity to play at the world-cup level.

Recognizing the very positive impact of the game of soccer through the support of his coaches, Cesar has dedicated his life and made it his mission to teach, educate and help to develop the character of youth through the game of soccer. His commitment is evident by him continuing his education and returning to the ENDIT Escuela Nacional de Directores Tecnico Campus Cd Juarez, Chih. Mexico to obtain the very prestigious and top-level Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) License which allows Cesar to coach every age level including national team; Cesar Sosa is one of only two coaches in the greater El Paso area and neighboring communities with the top level of coaching license in soccer.

Roel Martinez started playing soccer when he was 8 years old. Roel’s interest in this noble cause is nothing but to transmit the values, experience and resourceful character developed through 14 years of life experiences with a Soccer Social Club in Mexico City. Roel expresses that many of his adulthood life-assets, he acquired from this childhood and youth life processess.

These moral and social tools Roel gathered at a young age through soccer, also helped him to perform as a 1st Division Professional Soccer Player in Mexico City, with Atlante FC, proving along the way that this foundation has carried him through life at both professional and personal levels.

Roel strongly believes also, that his success in the Manufacturing and IT industries, through 15+ years of Professional and Managerial service in them, is in part a result of the social interaction, team-oriented experience and regularity he gathered and formed when participating in Soccer Academies, Teams, Tournaments and ultimately in his sting in the Mexican 1st Division Soccer League.



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